Tuesday, February 5, 2008

go vote!

i love voting. even though everyone in my office likes to tell me my vote doesn't count on election day, i like to believe it does. especially during the primaries, when it doesn't matter what percentage of my state is red or blue. it just gives me a great feeling of accomplishment, and it's even better to look around at the other folks in the same room, with the same feeling. i think it's pretty cool that my polling place is right by the king center. it's a "transitional" area (at best), and i can't help but think, here is one place where everyone is truly equal, and not one person is any more or less important than any another. this person's single vote is no more important than that person's. not weighted on race, income, ethnicity, social ranking, physical appearance, charm, education, or anything else. one equals one equals one.

i voted early and it was such a great atmosphere. everyone was smiling. we just did something good for our selves, good for our candidate, and good for our country. we just made a difference. we felt strongly about a person, a cause, a belief, a message. and we each took a step to do something about it. very cool. this is my kind of patriotism. i'd much rather wear that little peach sticker ("i'm a georgia voter!" wheee!) than some plastic flag, but that's just me, and i'm not going to get all political about what kind of cheesy lapel ornamentation i prefer.

so go vote! it's the best picker-upper you'll experience all week. better even than starbucks (and with much less guilt).

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