Friday, March 21, 2008


i'll give you three guesses why karen wouldn't let me buy this top (and it has nothing to do with my boobs):

Thursday, March 20, 2008

holy tornadoes, batman!

while i was safely tucked away at the vortex with a frosty beer on friday night, there was some true craziness going on just outside my window. the huz did a little search-and-photo mission the next morning and this is what he saw:

the girls and i, meanwhile, checked out cabbagetown and some surrounding areas, which you can see here:

we're flickr dorks.

Monday, March 3, 2008

white people like blogs.

from the fabulousness that is dailycandy:
Are you tired of wondering what to bring to that dinner party?* Or which Broadway show* to take your friend from Seattle* to? Desperate for a blog* with answers to these questions?

Well, search no more, friends. Introducing:
Stuff White People Like.

Stuff White People Like is the only website devoted entirely to stuff that white people like! Enjoy educational articles* on items such as coffee,* expensive sandwiches,* dogs,* and ’80s nights.* Each entry includes a brief description of the item and why white people love it so much.

You’ll also gain insight into the behaviors of white people — for example, their fondness for difficult breakups: “Prior to engaging in divorce, most white people train for it by engaging in a series of long term relationships that end very poorly.”

With inside info like this, it’s hard not to like the site — especially if you’re a white person.*

(*White people love all these things and footnotes.)