Friday, November 30, 2007

we've all been there. just not necessarily on purpose.

i cut my own bangs in the 5th grade and, well, it was not pretty. so i understand that every girl has to experiment a bit with some face-framing-ness at some point, and it doesn't always turn out that great. but what i want to know is:

when did katie holmes...

...become bai ling?

or is she just preparing for that age-old, vomitously cute mommy/toddler christmas (sorry - *holiday*) lookalike photo?

our lesson on severe bangs: do not try at home.

our lesson on mommy-and-me lookalike photo shoots: barf.

our lesson on bai ling: ummmmm..... who is she again? other than muse to the fug girls? no clue on this one, sorry.

1 comment:

SaraRow said...

That wig is faker than Brooke Hogan.

Wait...that's NOT a wig?