Sunday, July 20, 2008


i just deleted about a bazillion spam messages from my email, and some of the titles were just spectacular. i copied a few down for your reading pleasure:

  • britney in coma, feared dead
  • you are about to get fired [would have freaked the hell out of me 5 yrs ago]
  • fill in your life with colors of fun!
  • shopping queen loves to party
  • michael jackson gives up being a pedophile
  • bulgarian diplomat arrested with 0.4kg of plutonium
  • oprah winfrey breaks leg in horror crash
  • what a stupid face you have there misskelley [personal favorite]
  • misskelley is a moron
  • you look really stupid misskelley
  • slap-up products of fashion
  • cling on to budget bling blings
  • natural fertilizer for your cucumber
  • with such big bolt even statue of liberty will be satisfied!
  • flawless narcotic offerings
  • i videotaped my mom while she was masturbating [most disturbing of all]

nice, huh? don't those links just screeeeeeam, "click me"?!? i think i'm going to be a spammer when i grow up.

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