Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the most expensive 4-day vacation ever

so i'm planning to go to hawaii in two weeks for a wedding.  i researched for months, found the best combination of points + cheap airline, and we're set.  we even have the hotel, rental car, and several activities lined, up, so i've been feeling pretty damned accomplished.  and who couldn't use a week in lovely hawaii?  then we get this email last week:

Subject: Important Information from ATA Airlines, Inc.

Dear ATA Customer: 

We are writing to inform you that ATA Airlines, Inc. has filed for bankruptcy protection and on April 3, 2008, ATA discontinued all operations and cancelled all current and future flights.  According to our records, you are holding a ticket for travel on ATA.  We want to alert you that with this shutdown, ATA is no longer honoring reservations or tickets. 

Customers should seek alternate arrangements for their current and future travel. A list of other airlines serving ATA destinations is available online at

We apologize for the disruption caused by the sudden shutdown of ATA and regret the impact it will have on passengers. Additional information, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions for Customers, is available at  

Customers who purchased tickets from Southwest Airlines for flights operated by ATA should contact Southwest at (800) 308-5037 for more information.

If you purchased a ticket(s) using a credit card, please contact your credit card company or travel agency directly for information about how to obtain a refund for unused tickets.  If you purchased a ticket(s) directly from ATA with cash or a check, you may be able to obtain a full or partial refund by submitting a claim in ATA's Chapter 11 proceedings.

We encourage you to review the information provided on our website.

This e-mail was sent by our automated system.  Please do not reply to this message. 


we've worked it out, but plans have changed considerably (see title for details).  this is how i'm feeling right now:

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