Wednesday, April 16, 2008

top chef stream of consciousness

okay, wtf with nikki's hair?!?!?! i'm screaming at the tv every time i see that bouffant. i tried to find a screencap of that hideosity, but to no avail and stumbled upon amuse-biatch (love!). i did [also] find out she went to school in atlanta and worked at bacchanalia & floataway cafe (not too shabby), which kinda pissed me off more. we *really* don't need to further the stereotype of the southern girls who spend ridiculous amounts of time on their hair. not that she's southern, but people tend to infer. grrrr.

also love amuse-biatch's caption: "nikki cascone finally remembers where whe saved the extra onions and peppers for the judges":

ack, andrew is an effin a-hole. more yelling at the screen.

poor mark is clueless. i hope he doesn't go home, but it doesn't look good.

i will be so glad when andrew, spike, lisa, and jennifer are gone.

of course i'm pulling for richard. he's genuine, he's humble, he's an overall good guy. oh, and his food kicks ass. that, and he's from atlanta. :)

why are these people so appalled at this challenge? looks like the producers are into the drunk-food challenges -- last season it was drunk clubgoers; this season it's drunk birs fans at 1030am. of course the masses are going to have a say in who wins. you have to make your customers happy! how else are you going to be a successful chef??

okay, enough for now. i do love this show, although i hate more people than any prior season. and not in that i-love-to-hate-you way but in a please-get-the-eff-off-my-screen way. does not make for pleasant viewing.

but what else am i gonna do, read a book or something? pshah.

(last note:
poll of the week. "who would you rather touch in touch football"???????? wtf?
funny as hell that tom won over padma.
funnier even was the huz's response: "apparantly a lot of bears watch top chef."
he was not referring to football fans.)

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